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History of Buchanan Clubhouse

Buchanan Castle Clubhouse was  built on the site of the ancient Buchanan  Auld House, home of the Buchanan family that had held lands on Loch Lomond side since the 13th century, The Graham Family, The Dukes of Montrose, bought the estate in the 17th century later rebuilt much of it and have held it since that time.

The house burned down in 1852 and the present Clubhouse incorporates some of the surviving walls. Among other things, the Montroses were much involved in the breeding and training of racehorses and kept a large establishment at Newmarket, as they did at Buchanan Castle.

The ground on which the golf course is laid out was used as a race track, and for training gallops. Their greatest success was the 1878 Derby winner, Sefton, ridden by Harry Constable. It is commemorated in the name of the 18th hole of the course, and in a large oil painting of the horse, jockey and attendants which graces the clubhouse.

Other holes on the course are also named after some of the racehorses belong to the Montrose family.

The Club’s dining room displays the portraits of the Montrose family and other portraits are on display in the lounge area.